The Most Beautiful Hiking Spots in Southern Oregon

Oregon is arguably one of the most breathtaking states in the nation. From the Pacific coastline to the vast mountain ranges, Oregon is every adventurer’s playground. Although most Americans think of Portland when referencing the best place to visit, Southern Oregon has much to offer its visitors. If you’re looking for an ideal place to explore, research the different regions and skill levels as you determine the right path for your strengths and what you hope to experience on your trip. Be certain to make a reservation at one of the hotels near the airport in Medford, OR to pamper yourself for a few days after your journey.

Vulcan Lake

Home to one of the most unusual landscapes in the U.S., you’ll be astounded by the color of the emerald green lake amidst the Kalmiopsis Wilderness; some have said it’s like stepping onto a distant planet. The bedrock makes it easy to climb, and the amateur hikers in your group will be glad to know the hike is less than 3 miles from start to finish. Be certain to research more about the area to ensure all members are equipped for the hike.

Gearhart Mountain

One of Oregon’s best kept secrets is Gearhart Mountain. The high-desert geography coupled with a meadow surrounded by a cliff creates some impressive sights. You can find the trail east of the Klamath Falls. Although you’ll be amazed at the diverse trees in the area (sage, aspen and pine), visitors are most taken with the rocks. These stones were formed into odd shapes and towering pillars by ancient lava. You can take the shorter 2-mile trip if you have younger hikers, but advanced hikers will enjoy the 11-mile hike over the cliffs surrounding the lush, green meadows. For more information, the trail is called the Palisades.